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Quality Control

Most of our products has been pasted the certification of SGS.

The production process of quality control in product quality control.To ensure the quality of products, must strengthen to control the quality of the production process. Quality control is taken in order to meet the quality requirements of the homework technology and activities. Its purpose is to monitor the process and eliminate quality ring all stage, lead to unsatisfactory factors in order to ensure the quality of the product. Both components and final products, their quality can use quality fluctuates around the target value of design to the size of the description. If the wave is smaller, the greater the quality level. When each quality characteristic value to meet the design target, the fluctuation is zero, at this time of the product quality to achieve the highest level. But in fact it is never possible. So we must carry out the production process quality control, minimize volatility. Most successful companies in the world are inseparable with the production process of strict quality control, Boeing D1-9000 quality files, SPC control chart technology in Japan, it's all about the production process control technology. The ford motor company has a very tight fit its actual quality standard system, the quality standard system is basically in accordance with the QS 9000 (including the quality of the ISO 9000) operating procedures. The system document covers the full range of quality management, the whole process, the formation process of covering the entire product, and the specific and detailed rules for each process work to be done, and how to record a variety of quality data. It not only ensures product quality and for future quality improvement provides a large number of technical materials. Ford not only establish the quality standard, but also seriously organize the implementation and strict enforcement of these regulations, in order to ensure the quality of and evaluation standard of execution, ford to twice a year internal quality audits, and aiming at the problem of audit check out timely formulate corrective measures, the rectification within a time limit, and strictly follow the inspection and control. The necessity of strengthening the process control

The importance for the development of new customers is not enough. Since the customer's order quantity is big, has the development value, for the early stage of the trial order product, should make the corresponding work order review, determine the production process and requirements.

Second, not strictly implement file requirements to do a good job of product first inspection and sampling. First is the purpose of the inspection the first confirmed, through product with no quality abnormal cases into mass production, prevent the bad. And sampling is to determine the stability of the process, through further grasp the quality of the product dynamic sampling, and according to its volatility to adjust the production process, finally to ensure the quality of the product.

Three, process quality control is not reasonable. For production quality control by the production department to hold, and easy in quality control, and not to do a good job of supervision and inspection accordingly.

Four, quality problems happened is not taken into account. The product quality problems, not only didn't perform causal analysis on time, and in the subsequent processing did not take any control measures, in the process of the same or production by habit, as a result, the second quality accidents.

Five, the artificial work habits, your experience, not as the operation standard and basis. If only on habits and work experience, can't walk out of the habit and experience, the production will not get effective guarantee product quality.

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